Providing classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel and online lessons with practice test to minimize traffic related accidents.

Experienced instructors teaching teens and adults effective driving techniques and road safety measures.

About Us

Excel International Driving School is an FRSC approved drivers training centre with well trained Driving Instructors and state of the art training facilities.We are highly positioned to cater for the driving needs of the populace.

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We want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable behind the wheel, and we put together this section of educational materials to help you make good decisions about your driving instruction and driving generally. Please feel free to review this material at your convenience, and let us know if you have any questions.

Our guides on choosing the right driving school, preparing for the road test, and driving basics are some of the most popular articles on our website. We hope you find them as useful as did the hundreds of other driving school students who have also read them.


Specifically for Drivers License Applicants

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For Prospective & Learner Drivers

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We offer road test preparation and behind-the-wheel instruction

Our School Policy

1. Required Age to enroll for any of our program is between ages 18 and 69 years.
2. All payments are non-refundable.
3. An applicant must pass the Driver Road Test before he/she can be allowed to sit for the FRSC CBT exam.
4. An applicant must have a valid National Identification Number(NIN) before he/she can be enrolled for the program.
5. All financial transactions are through the online platform.No cash collection.
6. Applicants are only allowed to take the online course not less than 50days and not more than 90 Days from the enrolled date ,before they can book foe the CBT Exam.